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Worth Waiting For

One of the few problems with the NBA Playoffs is the fact that rarely will you see major upsets like we see in other sports such as the NHL, for example.


Virtually every year the No. 8 seed has little to no chance of winning two games let alone winning a series. The No. 7 seed’s chances improve but still aren’t great. And so on and so forth.


Generally, like we have seen this year because winning games at home in basketball happens more often than not, we see 2-0 deficits in series.


We have seen that same theme happen this year and I’m not sure any team will bounce back to win the series.


Are the battled Lakers going to come back and beat the Spurs? No. Are the Bucks going to defeat the Heat? No chance at all. Are the Rockets going to defeat Oklahoma City four times in the next five games? Don’t think so.


In fact, the only teams I think could come back and win the series are Boston—down 0-2 to the New York Knicks—and Memphis who is down 0-2 to the Clippers.


Sure, can Atlanta win a couple games at home against Indiana? Probably. Will Houston shock Oklahoma City once at home? Maybe. Will the Lakers win one at Staples? Possibly.


But are there any teams down 0-2 that will come back and win the series? Doubtful. I could really only see two teams doing it but that’s it.


And it’s not that it’s wrong with the sport, because it can easily be argued that in basketball you want to see the best teams play each other in the end, but it does prove that the NBA Playoffs don’t compare to the NHL Playoffs where anything and everything can happen.


The unknown is attractive in the sport of hockey. Not knowing which team will get hot and which goalie will steal a series makes it enjoyable to watch.


In the NBA, give me Miami vs. Oklahoma City in the finals. Give me an Oklahoma City-San Antonio Western Conference Final. Give me the two best teams going head-to-head in a seven game series. That’s what basketball fans want and that’s what they generally receive.


Maybe we won’t see any big upsets in the first round of the NBA postseason but we will see better playoff series down the line and that’s worth waiting for.

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