Sunday 18 March 2018 / 04:34 PM

Westbrook's coast-to-coast superhero slam

Russell Westbrook is making a fashion statement with clear plastic accessories.

On Wednesday he became the latest NBA Superstar to temporarily play the role of “Basketball Superhero” by taking the court wearing a space-age protective mask.

The mask’s initial purpose was, of course, to defend the point guard’s surgically repaired face. Who knew the side effects would be a career scoring night and the ability to dunk like a f***ing boss?

Check out this coast-to-coast two-handed Tomahawk.

Most players have a hard time getting down the court this fast without the ball, let alone while taking the inbound pass and dribbling through defenders all the way to the rim.

We won’t judge if you rewind that one to watch it again.

The NBA is chock full of prime athletes, but some of this stuff in Westbrook’s game very few dudes in the league can do.

OKC is making a run at the right time, hoping to peak just before start of the postseason. The Thunder have won 8 of their last 10 and are now seven games above .500, good enough for a playoff spot in the super competitive Western Conference.

I said it months ago during Oklahoma City’s early season woes – this team is my dark horse favourite to be on the other end of some upsets come playoff time.


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