Tuesday 20 February 2018 / 11:01 AM

Tyson Chandler's bizarre shoe block

“Get that shoe outta here!”

Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler boasted an average of 1.3 blocks in his 845-game NBA tenure heading into this season, but made the most unique of his career against Golden State – swatting Marreese Speights’ shoe out of bounds.

Speights lost his shoe a couple of plays earlier, but when Stephen Curry attempted to help his Warriors teammate out, Chandler slapped it away.


“It was tactical for sure,” Chandler said of his questionable tactic.


“You can’t run with a sock on. I was hoping that we could exploit that on the other end until they had to call a timeout or he had to foul.”


It wasn’t enough to give the Mavs an upset victory, however, with the Warriors prevailing 105-98 – although Dallas did trail by 28 at one stage.


“That was probably the [Mavs’] best defensive play of the night,” Dallas legend Dirk Nowitzki quipped after his side’s loss.


The Warriors are atop the Western Conference with a 20-2 record, while the Mavericks are 17-8 and seventh. 



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