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Top 10 Playoff Performances (#2, #1)

Numbers 1 and 2 of the Top 10, single game Playoff performances since 2000.

Shaquille O’Neal vs. Indiana Pacers, Game 1, NBA Finals 2000.
Stats: 44 Mins, 43 Pts,  21/31 FGs, 1/6 FTs, 19 Rebs, 4 Asts, 3 Blks.


Lakers 104
Pacers 87


Lakers won the series 4-2.



Shaquille O’Neal. Does any more really need to be said? It was arguably the greatest season of Shaq’s career.


Shaq and the Lakers completely dominated the game from start to finish.  There isn’t really much you can say, Shaq (arguably the most dominant force we have ever seen in the NBA), was totally in control of the game. It was crazy; the Pacers seriously treated him as if he was a referee, allowing him to do whatever he pleased. Indiana had just didn’t have anyway of defending Shaq. We all know, when was in one of those moods, not much could be done.


If Shaq is hitting baseline jumpers, things aren’t right.



LeBron James vs. Boston Celtics, Game 6, Eastern Conference Finals 2012.
Stats: 45 Mins, 48 Pts, 19/26 FGs, 2/4 3FGs, 5/9 FTs, 15 Rebs, 5 Asts.


Boston 79
Miami 98




Without a doubt, the most impressive, most remarkable, and most inspiring performance in recent years. LeBron was the definition of clutch.


With all the scrutiny surrounding him, James had the performance of a lifetime.


The Heat were down 3-2 in the series, and were forced to play an elimination Game in Boston. LeBron is the sole reason Miami got a Game 7. We all know they eventually went on to win the Championship.


It was truly impressive, James pulled out every offensive move possible.  The Boston team had been to the Finals twice in the previous four seasons, not even their double or triple teams could stop him. LeBron had 3-point plays, dunks, and jump shots while fading left, right and back. Went coast-to-coast, had bank shots, left handed shots, and posted up. He actually did everything.


LeBron nailed 12 out of his first 13 shots and finished the first half with 30 point.


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