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Too Good Tuesday relives an individual performance that we never get sick of watching – it’s been 13 years since Tracy McGrady’s unforgettable 13 points in 35 seconds to lift Houston Rockets to a stunning victory over San Antonio Spurs in 2004.

The Rockets trailed by eight when T-Mac drained a three with 35 seconds on the clock in the fourth quarter, before producing a freakish 4-point play with 24 seconds left – hitting a miraculous three after being fouled by Tim Duncan – that reduced the deficit to just three.

McGrady’s three with 11 seconds on the timepiece was just about the pick of the bunch, taking a difficult in-bound pass with two Spurs all over him before sinking a ridiculous off-balance bucket – despite the attention of renowned defender Bruce Bowen –  and trimming the gap to two.

The Spurs were unable to score on the resultant possession, the red-hot McGrady took off on the fast break, pulled up and nailed a phenomenal, game-winning three with 1.7 seconds to play.

Rockets 81, Spurs 80 – and McGrady into NBA folklore. In fact, the iconic display from 12 years ago has been mentioned on Twitter 14 times in the three weeks.

[YouTube – Nicholas Kopp]

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