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Too Good Tuesday this week goes back to the ’80s to celebrate the genius of Boston Celtics icon Larry Bird. In 13 seasons (1979-92), Bird amassed 21,791 points (24.3 ppg), 5,695 assists (6.3 apg) and 8,974 rebounds (10.0 rpg), leading Boston to the NBA Championship in 1981, ’84 and ’86.

Bird, born in Indiana, was a three-time NBA MVP and twice was named Finals MVP, while he was chosen in the All-NBA First Team in nine straight seasons (1980-88) and was a walk-up start for the NBA’s 50th Anniversary All-Time Team in 1996.

Renowned for his thrilling duels with LA Lakers legend ‘Magic’ Johnson, sharpshooter Bird’s consistency, tenacity and all-round excellence saw him become recognised as one of the best ever to take the court.

Check out this Top 10 countdown of Larry Bird’s greatest plays, including super-slick assists, powerful dunks, an over-the-backboard special, a string of clutch fadeaway jumpers, and – in top spot – his unforgettable steal of an Isaiah Thomas pass that turned the 1987 Celtics-Pistons playoff series.

[YouTube – NBA Countdown]

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