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The NBA's greatest moustaches

You will notice in coming weeks a groundswell of moustaches developing this month – be it you co-worker, neighbour, partner or strangers walking down the street – of varying degrees of style and tastefulness.

But it’s all for a good cause, with the Movember Foundation celebrating its 11th anniversary this year, raising awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men.

The team at The Starterson NBATV – inspired by the Movember movement Kevin Love’s robust cookie duster – reminisced about their favourites NBA moustaches of all time.

James Edwards, a three-time NBA champion with the Pistons and Bulls, got a start for his handlebar, as did bespectacled Lakers stalwart Kurt Rambis for his slug.

The Thunder’s big Kiwi Steven Adams and Clippers superstar Blake Griffin flew the flag for the more recent moustache-wearers. Long-serving NBA commissioner David Stern and Celtics legend Larry Bird received mentions for their solid 1980s efforts, and David Robinson’s ever-present thin moustache got a worthy call-up. 

Head the Movember Australia or Movember New Zealand site to donate to this worthy cause.

[YouTube – NBA]

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