Wednesday 21 February 2018 / 06:04 PM


Steph Curry heard your criticism, and he responded. After not hitting a three in the Warriors’ matchup with the LA Lakers, Curry put on a clinic today against the Pelicans.

Curry hit 13 triples, the new NBA record for threes in a single game. And it was far from the normal shooting night, as Curry did what he always does.

The threes by Curry largely funneled the Golden State offense, and the other stars deferred to their talisman in a showing that had to be planned.

It was a dramatic turnaround for Curry, who after going 0/10 against LA went 13/17 at New Orleans’ expense. Curry put on another show, and looks like he’s turned the page back to his unanimous MVP form of last season.

And if that really is the case…RIP to the rest of the NBA.

[YouTube – NBA]

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