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If you weren’t paying too much attention over the last two days, you may have missed the quiet news that the NBA and the NBA Players Association have all but closed the deal on the controversial CBA agreement.

The announcement comes as a slight shock, as the NBA faced a lockout during the negotiations for the last deal. The quick and decisive agreement seems to point toward a commissioner and owners ready to move on, and ready to concede from a better position than the last time around.

The highlights of the deal include increases in the league minimum contracts, the mid-level exception, and the veteran minimum. Also, teams now have two additional roster spots that can be used for development or players designated to the D-League. The move could be huge for the expansion of the D-League brand and the talent available for it.

According to reports, the most influential role-player in the negotiations was Michael Jordan, the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. Jordan worked as a mediator between the players and ownership interests.

The key upshot of the negotiations is that another lockout will be avoided. No missed basketball!

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