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Kevin Durant Featured in HBO Special

Sports fans often mistakenly believe that life as a professional athlete is all champagne and fast cars, but the reality is that the top stars in the game have a far deeper commitment to their trade than you or I.

Striving to be the best when you play amongst the best requires more than natural talent and a love of the game. Becoming a champion requires surrendering your life to the quest.

In HBO’s Kevin Durant documentary, The Off Season, fans are given a real taste of how hard the Thunder star really works to do what he does.

Film-maker Emmit Malloy said of the project: “The coolest part of making this show with Kevin was to be able to sit in his practices and watch him shoot the ball. He would sometimes just lock in and make over 30 three-point shots in a row. He reminded me of Larry Bird.”

[Monster Children / YouTube]

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