Monday 19 March 2018 / 10:11 PM

John Wall dazzles with 360-degree layup

The (20-8) Wizards have elevated their game to a whole new level this season. Trailing just the Hawks and Raptors (two other clubs that have jumped from above average to serious contender) in the Eastern Conference, Washington would wind up with the third seed if the season ended today.

It seems as though the torch has truly been passed in the East as the Heat and Pacers are on track for losing seasons.

In the Wizards’ 102-91 Christmas Day victory over the New York Knicks, John Wall pulled out an entirely new move out of his bag of tricks.

It’s one thing to showboat with a 360 in the open court or during warm-ups but it’s a whole other animal to actually use the spin to dart around a defender twice your size.


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