Tuesday 20 February 2018 / 10:56 AM

James Harden’s 2013-14 Highlight Reel

Great players make shots when it counts and Houston’s James Harden drains the big ones from all over the court.

Whether it’s popping a deep three to win the game or driving the lane just in time to beat the buzzer, there’s a reason why the ball winds up in Harden’s hands when the Rockets need a tough hoop in crunch time.

Check out this compilation of James Harden’s 2013-14 highlights. Seriously, some of these jukes will have you falling out of your chair.

In the coming season James Harden will look to put his shaky 2013-14 postseason performance behind him. The All-Star guard was one of the biggest disappointments of the playoffs as he shot poorly and the Rockets lost their opening series to the Blazers four games to two.



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