Monday 19 March 2018 / 07:45 PM


Mike D’Antoni made quite the splash in his media day yesterday, telling reporters that his revamped and hyped offense in Houston will feature a new point guard running the show: All-NBA player James Harden.

The move was startling at first, but not so crazy in practice. Harden already touches the ball more than anyone else on the Rockets’ offense, and also runs as the primary ball-handler on most sets.

Having Harden as the de facto point guard maybe isn’t the maddest-sounding idea in the world.

But it remains to be seen how this factors into the defensive side of things.

Harden is already among the league’s worst defenders, so it would seem that not much will change on the other side of the ball. Patrick Beverely should still guard the top guard in the set, so we’ll see if much changes on Houston’s half.

Still, it’s odd thinking of James Harden…the point guard.

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