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Iverson Retires; Nets Bond; CP3's New Role

September is just around the corner. October follows. The 2013 NBA season comes in the last week of October.

Don’t look now, but the NBA season is coming fast.

News From This Past Week:


  • Nets Deron Williams organizes players-only workouts. I love this from a team leader and Jason Kidd will love it, too
  • Pierce: ‘Mature’ Rondo can lead Celtics. Pierce still cares for his former Boston team, and he still wishes them all the best. Sounds like a true legend to me
  • Source: Ivan Johnson giving NBA two weeks to come with offer, if not, he’ll be overseas
  • Pistons’ Andre Drummond insists he won’t shoot free throws underhanded after shooting a dismal 37.1 percent in his first season in the NBA. Free throws aren’t easy, trust me. However, when you have the amount of time to work on free throws as NBA players, you would think they could shoot at least 60 percent from the free throw line, right? Give me a break
  • New Maverick DeJuan Blair knocks former coach Gregg Popovich for his decisions. All Blair did during his time in San Antonio is start more games than most of the players on the Spurs roster. In the playoffs, he was a forgotten figure. I would have been upset, too
  • Dwight Howard says he has no problem playing power forward with Asik
  • J.R. Smith apparently bought a $450,000 armored truck to drive around NYC. This is why athletes are terrible budgeters
  • Knicks season-ticket renewal rate exceeds 97 percent. They’re officially back!
  • Pistons not signing Jason Collins. This has nothing to do with his sexuality and everything to do with him not being a fit
  • Nuggets’ Ty Lawson charged with physical harassment, criminal mischief
  • Josh Harrellson signs two-year deal with Pistons
  • Walter McCarty rejoins Celtics as an assistant coach
  • James Johnson will work out for Spurs, Hawks, Jazz
  • Bucks officially sign Larry Sanders to a four-year, $44 million contract extension.
  • Ronnie Brewer agrees to contract with Houston Rockets
  • Ginobili admitted that he thought about retiring “a lot” towards the end of the season
  • Anthony Bennett reaches agreement on three-year deal with Cavaliers. I’m wondering whether or not he’ll turn out to be what they think he can be in the Cavaliers’ system. Only time will tell
  • Jason Kidd impressed with Deron organizing Nets workouts in California
  • Report: Allen Iverson to announce retirement. I said that Iverson would never win an NBA championship when he was in his prime due to the fact that he is one of the biggest gunners in the history of the game. If you give me a chance to shoot 25-to-30 times a game, I bet you I could even score 20 points. It turns out, Iverson never got his ring. He’s one of the best to ever play the game (top 100) but he never struck me as a guy who was going to win a championship
  • Kings hire Ryan Bowen as assistant coach
  • New Orleans Pelicans re-sign forward Lance Thomas
  • Grizzlies trade Tony Wroten to the 76ers
  • Clippers’ Chris Paul elected new NBPA President
  • Caron Butler embraces leading Suns, Beasley
  • Garden, Barclays both may get All-Star Games


Biggest Takeaways From The Week:


  • Deron Williams looks to take on bigger role as a leader for the Nets. I love it. He is the leader, and he’s proving his leadership to new head coach Jason Kidd
  • Allen Iverson calls it quits. It may sound like I’m hammering Allen Iverson, but he wasn’t a guy who was capable of working well on a championship team. He made the NBA Finals once in his career and did it with an average supporting cast. When he got out of that cast, joining Carmelo Anthony in Denver, he did nothing
  • DeJuan Blair is bitter. Do you blame him? At least he didn’t do any of this during the season, so kudos to him and best of luck in Dallas

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