Sunday 18 March 2018 / 04:52 AM

How not to guard Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is maturing not only into a top-tier NBA Superstar, but perhaps into the type of player that has the ability to define the way the point guard position is played for his generation.

For those tasked with defending the Baby Faced Assassin the order is tall. I mean, seriously, how do you guard a guy who pulls off shit generally reserved for a video game?

Check out Curry’s behind-the-back razzle-dazzle en route to juking a trio of defenders and draining a deep 3-ball.

How do the kids these days say it?


The Warriors went on to win the game 106-98 over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Golden State is now (50-12) on the season, a half game better than the Atlanta Hawks for the top mark in the NBA.


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