Thursday 22 March 2018 / 01:49 AM

Lakers' Ed Davis calls Charles Barkley a 'fat ass'

The Lakers are off to a rough start (0-5 prior to beating the Hornets 107-92 on Sunday night), but that doesn’t mean that players are willing to take flak from commentators about their struggles on the court.

Not even when said commentator is Sir Charles Barkley.

Lakers’ forward Ed Davis fired back on Twitter in response to Barkley’s hunger strike proclamation.

David was 5-of-5 on the night and posterized Jason Maxiell with a dunk that is sure to give the Hornets’ 260 lb. power forward nightmares.

If you’ve been living in a cave and hadn’t already heard. Barkley said, and I quote: “I’m not going to eat another meal until the Lakers win a game.”

Nom. Nom. Chuck. Eat up.

[Dime Magazine]

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