Tuesday 20 February 2018 / 10:50 PM


The Spurs-Warriors series isn’t nearly as competitive as we’d have hoped it would, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting its fair share of controversy.

The most recent that’s arisen is this play late in the third quarter on a screen attempt by Dwayne Dedmon.

The Spurs big man appears to angle his knee into Curry’s, looking to intentionally injure the Warriors former MVP.

The league was quick to say it likely wouldn’t penalized Dedmon, but that hasn’t stopped the internet outrage, including Curry who chimed in that the play was unnecessary.

This is just the latest in some questionable activity in the series, with Zaza Pachulia getting Kawhi Leonard with that questionable slide underneath the jumpshot in game one.

That was followed in game two by a similar play by LaMarcus Aldridge.

The Warriors look to close the series tomorrow.

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