Sunday 18 February 2018 / 02:06 PM


The Cleveland Cavaliers made noise for sitting their ‘Big Three’ during a road trip to Memphis, leading fans to complain about paying for their full ticket only to see the Cavs’ supporting cast.

This drew responses on Twitter, with everyone from Colin Cowherd to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban entering the fray.

But Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni added to the debate today, telling reporters at practice that he believed the NBA needed to address the issue, and saying he doesn’t believe in resting players.

“My thought on holding people out in mass, I’m not really for it,” D’Antoni added, while also stating that he thought the NBA needed to “catch up with the science.”

I’m sure it’s easy for D’Antoni to say, either way, I agree the league needs to act on this and the new CBA should be addressing these concerns.

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