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Curry wins 3-pt Shootout with 13 straight

The 3-point Shootout came to be during the 1985-86 season at the All-Star Break in Dallas, Texas. Larry Bird won that one, as well as the following year’s contest in Seattle. He made it a three-peat in 1988 in Chicago.

Craig Hodges of the Bulls is the only other player to ever win three in a row.

But here’s the thing, neither Bird nor Hodges ever scored more than 22 points in the final round.

Stephen Curry? He just scrawled his name into the record books with 27 points. The most for the finals and the most for any round full stop.

Forget about all those extra (4) money balls that were added to the final rack in 2014, Curry drained 13 threes consecutively to dominate the 2015 Foot Locker 3-Point Contest over fellow ‘Splash Brother’ Klay Thompson and former Champion Kyrie Irving.

If you’re wondering, 13 in a row is good for second-best of all time. Craig Hodges sunk 19 straight in 1991.

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