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KD has signed with the Golden State Warriors. The team that set the NBA record for most wins in a season. The team with a unanimous MVP. The team that OKC lost a 3-1 lead to in the Western Conference Finals.

Signing Kevin Durant to the Warriors was likened on Twitter to the Avengers signing God. With good reason too: KD has an NBA MVP Award, 4 NBA scoring titles, an NBA Rookie of the Year Award, an Olympic gold medal, has been selected to six all-NBA teams, and seven All-Star teams.

Durant signed with the Seattle Supersonics (throwback) in 2007, before the franchise was relocated to Oklahoma City. He is from Washington D.C, so why should he have the same sort of loyalty like LeBron James does to Cleveland? He led OKC to the Finals in 2012, where they lost in five games, and guided them to one game away from the Finals again this year. He was the highest scorer in both series, but ultimately it wasn’t enough.

After eight years of carrying the team with no signs of it getting better, especially with a looming threat like Golden State in the West, can you really blame him?

-Although Durant is an exceptional talent, he is only marginally better than the player he will be replacing. People are acting as if Golden State is now suddenly allowed to have a 6th man on the court, and that 6th man is going to be Durant. Other teams will adjust to the Warriors’ style of play. With a phenomenal scorer like Durant on the team, Steph Curry is going to end up taking less wild shots and play more of a point guard role to assist and utilize KD’s skills.

-Remember the Dwight Howard-Steve Nash-Kobe Bryant triumvirate in Los Angeles for the 2012-2013 season? People were terrified in the pre-season. How could this trade have happened? They’ve got one of the best power forwards of all time, an All-Star big man, and an All-Star point guard. This is Kobe we’re talking about. The Lakers imploded in anticlimactic fashion. There’s a reason Durant is only on a two-year contract.

-When LeBron jumped ship and went to Miami to play with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh people were absolutely infuriated. How could the league let this trade go through? These guys playing together are going to be unstoppable. The Heat would meet up with the Dallas Mavericks in the Finals and lose. Keep in mind that other than Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavs didn’t have the same type of franchise building talent as the Heat. LeBron made Cleveland. Bosh made Toronto. Wade made Miami. The two championships aside, the Heat had some of the best talent in the NBA but still didn’t produce the same sort of expected output.

-Russell Westbrook was a phenomenal scorer and point guard. He might not have the same range and pop-up shots as Steph Curry, but he plays better defense and has more explosive, momentum-creating plays. When is the last time you saw the crowd fly to their feet in celebration for a Steph Curry layup? A Russell Westbrook two-hand jam is what turns a home game into a shutout victory.

-Not To rag on Steph Curry, but he does have several chinks in his armor. Kyrie Irving made him look borderline foolish, and LeBron sent his layups to the third row. Of course, Steph naturally has star power (let’s not forget how amazing he is), but people get blinded by it and assume that Steph, Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are going to be dropping 40 points a game each.

Finally, KD’s decision is as much a fan’s business as LeBron’s decision. NBA fans everywhere are severely butthurt for no better reason than the fact that their mediocre home team has less of an opportunity to win a championship than it did before. Yes, Durant could have made your franchise – but it’s his prerogative to chase a ring in California.

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