Sunday 21 January 2018 / 03:43 PM

Bryant's Injury; Oden To Miami; Rondo Out?

Haven’t been paying too much attention to the NBA? I’ll get you back on track.

News From This Past Week:

  • Report: Spurs assistant Brett Brown in lead for Sixers job
  • Trail Blazers sign veteran guard Mo Williams. Portland signing a veteran guard will make for a great fit on a young roster
  • Celtics cut ties with Shavlik Randolph
  • Shabazz Muhammad was sent home from NBA rookie program for bringing woman to hotel room. Muhammad has all the talent you could ask for, but it’s this type of stuff you wonder about
  • Amar’e Stoudemire will not return to Olajuwon’s camp in Houston
  • Knicks sign Jeremy Tyler, reportedly talking to Chris Duhon, Sean May
  • Heat-Bulls, Lakers-Clippers on NBA’s opening night. NBA couldn’t come soon enough
  • Deng felt ‘life was in danger’ during playoff illness. Very scary situation for Deng
  • Pacers forward Copeland out two months after knee surgery
  • Greg Oden to begin NBA comeback with Heat. Miami went out and got arguably the biggest difference maker on the market in free agency and he hasn’t even played since 2009. When healthy, Oden is an absolute beast on the interior. But obviously he hasn’t been healthy. Low risk, high reward move for Miami
  • Hawks announce DeMarre Carroll signing
  • Pau Gasol holds ‘no grudges’ against Lakers, still rehabbing knees
  • Report: Antawn Jamison to meet with Clippers head coach Doc Rivers
  • Olimpia Milano go strongly after Hawks Shelvin Mack
  • Delonte West wants another NBA opportunity
  • Anthony says trade for Andrea Bargnani was a steal for the Knicks
  • DeShawn Stevenson wants to play for Miami Heat, asks LeBron for help
  • Eric Gordon says he feels “pretty good,” hopes to be 100 percent for camp
  • Report: Pistons could still be looking to acquire Celtics Rondo. Boston needs to build around Rondo not give him away. He is a top 10 player in the league. Unless you’re getting the farm, don’t give him up
  • Knicks have signed Jeremy Tyler
  • Doc Rivers thinks trade to Brooklyn could rejuvenate Paul Pierce
  • Sebastian Telfair could join Heat, buddy LeBron James. Remember when Telfair was the next big thing coming out of high school? Seems like ages ago, and those people couldn’t have been more wrong
  • Lakers Bryant ‘shattering’ Achilles recovery timetable. This guy continues to amaze me
  • Former All-Star forward Chris Gatling pleads guilty in squatting case
  • Bill Self will never say never when it comes to the NBA, according to reports. It’s always in the back of college coaches’ minds, do you blame them? Every person wants to get to the pinnacle of the profession at some point in their life
  • CP3 says hopes of Clippers rest on Blake Griffin. I don’t like this
  • Suns’ Michael Beasley arrested for marijuana possession
  • Jared Sullinger appears to be ready for camp

Biggest Takeaways From The Week:

  • Shabazz Muhammad getting into trouble is a big deal. Coming out of high school, Muhammad has always had some sort of controversy around him. Learning that he was sent home was a big step backwards for the soon-to-be rookie
  • Greg Oden picking the Heat is major news. The guy can be a difference maker if, and only if, he can stay healthy. He can rebound, play defense, block shots in the interior—exactly what the Heat have needed since they added LeBron James
  • Will the Pistons acquire Rondo? I don’t see it happening because of their lack of talent. Yes, Boston would want first round picks. Yes, those picks would probably be high first rounders. However, you don’t just give away a top-10 talent for picks. You want something that could help you NOW in return. The Pistons couldn’t offer that piece


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