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It’s been a long offseason, right? Just kidding, this offseason has more twists and turns than you could possibly have imagined. With most of the large moves coming to a close, let’s get you recapped on the wild week in the NBA, and what that’s going to mean as we inch closer to the regular season.


Thunder Take a Chance

The Thunder got their superstar pair for Russ quickly after losing KD, trading for Paul George after the Pacers stud told the team he was moving on after the summer was up. I like this move for two reasons: one, it allows Russ to actually have a real teammate. Two, they shed the awful Victor Oladipo contract, as well as only gave up one prospect for a rental of George. Win-win!

Clippers Get Back Up Quick

JJ Reddick moved on. Chris Paul got traded to the Rockets after opting-in to his contract (we’ll discuss this in a second), and the Clippers seemed to hit rebuild. But hold the phone: they managed to ink Blake Griffin long term after he was rumored to be out, and then managed to get back a first round pick, Lou Williams, and Patrick Beverley. They also signed Danillo Gallinari, a competent small forward who can really score and shoot. I actually like this new Clippers roster a LOT. Plus they’ll have money next summer.

Warriors Work the Cap (And Get Better)

Poor league. The rich got richer this offseason, with Golden State locking in Kevin Durant for way below market value to resign Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. They also look like they’ll keep Zaza. Throw in the additions of Nick Young and Omri Casspi, and the Warriors got even DEEPER in shooting. They’ll again be loaded, and it looks like this is the new NBA dynasty.

Kings Get… Smart?

I went on record and said I really like the Sacramento Kings draft, possibly better than any other team. Well, they followed that up with a really solid free agency so far too: they nabbed George Hill for way below market value, and then netted Zach Randolph in a shock from the Grizzlies. They’ve got a super young team, and now some veterans to show them how this is done.

Wolves Supe Up

Well, the Wolves kicked their rebuild up a few steps when they traded for Jimmy Butler in the draft. They followed that with dealing Ricky Rubio to the Jazz, and landed Jeff Teague, a much more offensive-minded point guard. They also landed Taj Gibson, in a move that is now completely getting Coach Tibs old Bulls band back together, and I’m all for it.

Sixers Go for It

The Sixers landed another generational talent in Markelle Fultz in the draft, and now they’ve got their shooting on the perimeter. The Sixers offered JJ Reddick a MASSIVE one year deal to come and play beside Fultz, and he’s heading into Philly. It helps both teams, giving Philly a nice veteran to show the young guys the ropes, and also some scoring to rely on while the young guys develop.


Harden and Paul?

I get that superteams are the new thing, but the Rockets slashed their guard depth for an attempt at Chris Paul. Look, I love CP3, and he’s a solid point guard, but the case can be made that Harden was the best passer in the league last year and led the NBA in assists. Now Paul moving in certainly moves him back to shooting guard, and you don’t have the bench depth you once had. I just don’t see this fit.

Play Some Jazz for Utah

What a sad, sad thing for the Utah Jazz. Gordon Hayward made his choice (we’ll talk more about that in a sec), and they were left cold and on the wing. But in particularly hurts for this team. The Jazz rebuilt for seven years around Hayward, and just as the finally made the playoffs and competed, they have to rebuild again around Gobert. Sometimes this league stinks, man.

Boston’s Strikeouts

Okay, the Celtics FINALLY got their guy in Gordon Hayward. But does that put them into beating LeBron? Reports are that the Celtics had the best offer for Paul George but wanted to wait until Hayward committed, and the Bulls never got an offer from them for Jimmy Butler. I’m not sure what the Celtics are waiting on. Sure, they got better. But is another exit in the conference finals really the ultimate result?

Raptors Double Down

I’m your resident Raptors hater, as all of you know. So let me preface this in saying: the Raptors are fun as hell to watch. However, they spent unreal money on Serge Ibaka and Kyle Lowry, and are now capped out on a team that can’t make it out the second round. Because that’s what you want with the Warriors and Cavs swinging at the fences right now. I’m not even sure they’re the third best team in the East right now.

Cavs Go Quiet

Yeah, it’s the same old stuff from draft night. The Cavs missed on their GM candidate in Chauncey Billups, and came out of the free agency netting none of the big stars they wanted to add. There is still time on Carmelo Anthony, but with no GM and big money paid to middle-aged Kyle Korver and the addition of Jose Calderon, there’s not much to be excited about right now.


Twitter Fingers

The NBA had a nice little Twitter fued between Hayward’s suitors.

The (In)Decision

Speaking of Hayward, Twitter had some fun laughing at Hayward taking so long.

Tatum v. Fultz

These two showed out in their summer league debuts.

Good Guy Joe Ingles

I’m not crying, you are.

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