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The NBA season is now in full swing, with teams across the league quickly realizing their dreams are doomed, or thinking they are the team of destiny (looking at you, Knicks).

Each week I’ll be taking a look around the NBA and look at some things I like (Ball Don’t Lie), some things I don’t (Ball Lies), and some highlights, lowlights, and upcoming matchups.

It’ll be a small spreadsheet for everything you may have missed in the NBA.


Klay & The Warriors

This is beginning to look like a weekly occurrence, but the Warriors are truly the story of the NBA. After Klay’s 60-point outburst earlier in the week, the Western Conference leaders followed it up with a drubbing of their top competition in the Clippers. The Warriors feature the top three in the NBA in effective FG %, and these guys are playing like a video game.

Giannis Leads the Bucks

Speaking of video games, Giannis Antentekompo is playing like he’s in one. He’s got the Bucks playing their best basketball in years, and it looks like this whole 6’11 point guard thing might work. Couple that with Jabari Parker figuring out how to be an NBA player, and the Bucks may be something – even without Khris Middleton.

Mo Calls Out Clippers

As we touched on previously, the Warriors dismantled the Clippers this week. That went over about as well as you’d expect, and the newcomer to the group in former Warrior Maurice Speights sounded off on his new teammates, saying they should stop trying the same crap that’s gotten them where they have been for years. Love it – give them hell Mo’ Money!

Magic’s Magic Lineups

If you really want to watch something interesting this NBA season, find the Orlando Magic during a game. With literally 10 big men on the roster, they trot out the biggest and most awkward lineups you’ve ever seen. Seriously, they’re like the anti-Warriors, and they are surprisingly doing pretty well at it. I mean, who doesn’t love a good Bismack Biyombo jumper?

Lou Williams is the Man

If there’s one bright spot in the Lakers’ losing streak, it’s that Lou Williams is killing it. The crafty veteran guard has notched 137 points over the last four games off the bench. With this run of form, he now leads the team in scoring, and has to be the early favorite for Sixth Man of the Year as the best bench player on the league’s best bench.


Rockets Contract Drama

Man, there’s nothing worse than offseason drama in the middle of the NBA season. The Rockets and Donatas Motiejunas are dead in the middle of it, after the big man agreed to an offer sheet with the Nets. The Rockets promptly matched, leaving Motiejunas to just not show up for the physical. A deal got done today, but seriously, just get on the floor.

Jazz Injuries Pile Up

The Utah Jazz somehow are hanging around in the West, and winning, despite some serious attrition on the roster. In the beatdown the Warriors gave them, they were missing four of their five starters, and have only had their preseason starting five for two games this season – games in which they are 2-0. Get healthy, Jazz! (a certain writer picked you way higher than you are right now)

Bulls Thin Bench

The scorched-earth start for Chicago has cooled slightly, with the roster around Jimmy Butler regressing pretty hard. But it’s not for lack of trying; the Bulls bench is just incredibly thin. In fact, they’ve been outscored in 13 consecutive games, and most nights it hasn’t even been close (see last week against the Lakers: 56-18). If the Bulls are going to go anywhere, they need their bench to step it up.

Lakers Start to Regress

We all knew the Lakers probably couldn’t sustain their hot start for long, but the return to earth has been pretty tough. The Lakers have now lost five straight and eight of their last 10 to fall a decent margin behind the playoff race. It’s still a massive improvement from last year for the Lakers, but here’s hoping they can get back to competing.



CP3 Puts Them on Skates

Some players age like milk, others like fine wine.

Cavs Have Fun

It sure must be nice to be this far ahead most nights to just play a different game.

Ball Movement, Ball Movement

This is what the league feared when KD was brought in.

Bucks Get Lillard

I mean, how you gonna go after a man’s rap career like that?

DeAndre Dunks It Home

This is a pass for that whole dunking on your teammate thing last week.



Blazers @ Clippers – Tuesday (AEDT)

Dame and CJ look to right the ship against the surging Clippers.

Grizzlies @ Cavs – Wednesday (AEDT)

The Grizzlies are winning without Conley, but get a big test in Cleveland.

Celtics @ Spurs – Thursday (AEDT)

Brad Stevens and company is looking to climb the ladder.

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