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The NBA season is now in full swing, with teams across the NBA quickly realizing their dreams are doomed, or thinking they are the team of destiny (looking at you, Knicks).

Each week I’ll be taking a look around the NBA and look at some things I like (Ball Don’t Lie), some things I don’t (Ball Does Lie), and some highlights, lowlights and upcoming matchups. It’ll be a small spreadsheet for everything you may have missed in the NBA.


‘Boogie’s’ Three

We’ve touched on some other big fellas in the NBA that can stroke it from downtown, but there’s another name to add to that list: Demarcus Cousins. That’s right, ‘Boogie’ has been cooking something up this season, shooting over 40% from behind the arc. And that’s not some late-game stuff going on at the end of games either: he averages four attempts a game. Let it fly, big guy!

Westbrook is a Video Game

I know this seems like copping out, and I’ve avoided talking about it for five weeks now, but Russell Westbrook is insane. The dude is putting up numbers that you can’t on NBA 2K. He’s officially averaging a triple-double on the season and now looks like the early favorite for the MVP. Russ is on a mission this season – and god help all the rims.

Draymond’s D (and Talk)

Draymond Green is about as boisterous a player as you’re going to find on a basketball court, but he’s been insane this season on defense. He’s let it be known publicly that he’s gunning for the Defensive Player of the Year, and he’s certainly made a case. However, the antics on the court could use some work, particularly the kicking all over again.

DeAaron Fox and Lonzo Ball

I know it’s WAY too early to be talking about next year’s draft, but can we take a moment to appreciate just how amazing these two lottery picks are? Because they have been lighting things up in college and look NBA ready right now. DeAaron Fox put up the second triple double in Kentucky history this week, and Lonzo Ball is putting on a SHOW. Man, tanking teams will get a big reward.



Cavs Slide, JR Bombs

The Cavs have been the model of efficiency in the NBA to start the season, but they have endured a week from hell, dropping three in row. JR Smith, in particular, has been BAD – and I mean like Kyle Singler bad – in recent weeks. LeBron James has put the team on notice, but color me concerned in March. Still, can’t wait for the LeBron subtweets. Oh, and Iman Shumpert should probably shut up.

Hawks Tank, Too

Well, there’s one East team that didn’t gain ground on the Cavs during their slide: the Hawks. These guys are really, really bad. And Dwight Howard is taking it out on fans. All seriousness, almost none of the gambles are paying off early so far, with the Jeff Teague loss hurting them, and Dwight Howard looking like a less-able Al Horford.

Conley Injury

We all knew it would suck when Mike Conley went down, but seeing the Grizzlies offense without him now just really, really hurts. The Grizzlies were on a tear but are now are struggling pretty bad. There’s hope Conley can be back within the next week or two – and for the sake of good-looking basketball, I really hope so.

T-Wolves Defense

There’s very few things that are worse to watch in the NBA than the Timberwolves’ defense. Maybe James Harden’s defense. Buts seriously, the Wolves can’t stop anybody, especially in the second half of games. Karl-Anthony Towns is among the worst defending big men in the NBA, and it’s really not even close on that metric. I thought their new head coach would create a new mentality?



Dwight Runs Point (and his Mouth)

I know we talked about how bad the Hawks have been, but maybe they just need to let the big fella take it up…

Oh, and he’s going gangsta on those guys calling him b****

Doc Gets Tossed

I don’t think I can like a video any more than I already like this one. Never change, Doc.

Cousins’ Second Job

The game got cancelled, but I love this guy.

Kawhi Breaks Hearts

Seriously, he’s getting BETTER.



Cavs @ Raptors – Tuesday (AEDT)

The Cavaliers are sliding, and the Raptors are streaking.

Pacers @ Warriors – Tuesday (AEDT)

First one to 130 wins?

Warriors @ Clippers – Thursday (AEDT)

Early game-of-the-year contender.

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