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We’re down to just a week to go in the regular season of the NBA, and that means things are getting juicy. And with no dominant team this year, everything is up in the air going forward. So, what better place to get yourself caught up each week than right here?

Each week, I’ll be taking a look around the NBA and look at some things I like (Ball Don’t Lie), some things I don’t (Ball Lies), and some highlights, lowlights, and upcoming matchups. It’ll be a small spreadsheet for everything you may have missed in the NBA. Without further adieu, let’s get things going.


Malcolm Brogdon Does Good

The Bucks’ Malcolm Brogdon has been a revelation in his one year in the NBA. A standout at UVA, Brogdon came onto the Bucks as an older rookie, and has immediately made an impact. Because of this, the Bucks have gone all out in a bid for him to win the Rookie of the Year. However, Brogdon showed his class by asking the organization to donate the money for the campaign to charity. That’s a true pro.

D’Angelo Russell Transforms

The Lakers have stunk out loud this year, but we all knew they would. But with all the talk about the Lakers maybe taking a point guard in the first round, we should talk about D’Angelo Russell’s solid year two. He’s not the flashiest guy around, but he’s been a great leader for the Lakers post-Kobe, and I’m not sure moving on from him right now with the things he’s doing is a great idea. Russell is a baller, and I’m going to stand by that.

Russ Hits First Milestone

With just a few days left in this regular season, Russell Westbrook cemented his place in history by clinching the season average of a triple double. It’s just the second time it’s ever been done, and Russ’ wild wide is far from over. The MVP debate is stronger than ever, and now Russ will look to add to his historic season.

KAT’s Insanely Young and Good

Here’s a crazy stat I didn’t see until after the fact: in last week’s NCAA Championship game between North Carolina and Gonzaga, Karl Anthony-Towns was younger than every single guy playing in that game. Yep, the two year pro is younger than any of and he’s throwing up 25 ppg and double digit rebound. I hope no one ever forgets how special KAT really is.

Lillard’s Still Got It

Damian Lillard reminded the NBA that his Trail Blazers are indeed still good by showing out the other night. He set the Blazers record for points with 59, and has been everything for this team. After a woefully inept start, the Blazers are looking at the postseason, and Damian Lillard is almost every part of that. Someone pay this man and get him some attention!


Lonzo Ball, Lonzo Ball

The saga of whom is quickly becoming the NBA’s most hated player, Lonzo told a group that he’d rather be picked by the Lakers than go first. Well, on the plus side, it’s a good thing he’d rather be in LA, because there is no way someone is taking a shot on that baggage with the number one pick.

Russ Stat Padding

Before you freak at that headline, I am not here to make an argument or have any outrage over Russ apparently getting more rebounds because teammates give them up. I’m here to say who cares? The Thunder are a fast-break team, and as long as the other team isn’t getting them, who really cares? Russ is averaging a triple double – it’s time to leave the guy alone and just admire the greatness of what he’s doing.

Cavs Blow Another Lead

I really don’t get what’s going on with Cleveland. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are having fine seasons, and LeBron is having his best ever. Yet, on the final week of the season, the Cavs blew another big league: this time a 25-point second half lead to the Atlanta Hawks. The wind is quickly soaring out of the Cavs sails, and they’ve got to do something to stabilize this free fall they’re going through.

Last Minute Shots

This is the second time this has been made a big deal, so I wanted to be sure I addressed this. Earlier in the year, the Wizards got all kinds of upset at the Warriors for taking a last minute three up by a million points. Now, this week, the Raptors almost came to blows with Lance Stephenson over the same thing. Of course, all of these teams are hypocrites, but it’s hilarious to see teams get so upset over meaningless shots.


Russ Wins It

The magic continues.

KD’s Big Fan

Someone was happy to see KD back at it.

Kerr Silences Rodman

I love it!

The Dirk Girl Gets Hers

This is quality basketball right here.

Dirk-shirt girl attempts half-court shot for a 65 inch 4K TV. Dirk approves.

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