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The NBA season is now in full swing, with teams across the NBA quickly rocketing up the standings, or heading straight into tank-a-polooza!

Each week, I’ll be taking a look around the NBA and look at some things I like (Ball Don’t Lie), some things I don’t (Ball Lies), and some highlights, lowlights and upcoming matchups. It’ll be a small spreadsheet for everything you may have missed in the NBA. Without further adieu, let’s get things going.

Ball Don’t Lie

George Gervin Praises the Game

NBA Hall of Famer and all-time scorer George Gervin made some headlines this past week with some comments he made about the current state of the NBA. And unlike the bitter older players like Charles Barkley, it was actually pretty good. Gervin said the game is much better today than it was in his day. Which makes more sense, considering the NBA’s way higher viewership and better athletes.

Sixers Rolling

Chalk this next sentence up to things you didn’t think you’d hear this season: the 76ers are rolling right now. The Sixers have won six of seven games now, and Joel Embiid doesn’t think they’re done – he’s thinking playoffs. And it’s not out of the realm of possibility: the Sixers are just 6.5 games out of a playoff spot, and if the offense continues like it has been, they are far from out of it.

Boogie Interview Skills

It’s always quite the trip anytime DeMarcus Cousins gets in front of a microphone, and yet again he didn’t disappoint. It’s been well-documented about Boogie’s frequent spats with the Sacramento media, and he let it fly again this week. He was asked by two reporters that he’s feuded with before if he wants to stay in Sacramento, and turned it around on them.

Dwight Howard’s Career Year

Lost in the fuss over the Hawks’ future, and where they could be headed, is the type of season that Dwight Howard is having in Atlanta. The Hawks big man saw his career flounder in Houston, before ultimately ending up in the ATL. And Dwight has been surprisingly really good: he’s posting the best rebounding numbers of his career, and his free-throw percentage is a career high.

Ball Lies

Celtics Beefing

We’ve put some serious ink to how good Isaiah Thomas has been, but the Celtics have quite the new mean streak in them. They’ve pissed off pretty much every opponent they’ve had this week, with Otto Porter, John Wall and the Hawks beefing with Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics. Maybe it’s just friendly competition, but it’s getting to be a little much from a team that’s just now getting out of the middle of the pack.

Cavs Don’t Practice

Look, Cleveland is great and all. Sure. But the news that broke a couple days ago of Tyron Lue saying that the Cavs haven’t practiced as a team since early December is kind of a joke. Yeah, they are full of veterans, but that crap is going to catch up eventually, no matter how good the team thinks they are.

Derrick Rose Has Lost His Mind

Look, I know we talk about the Knicks a lot, but seriously this is just getting to be too good. Derrick Rose has been a lightning rod for criticism and just stupid things lately, but nothing can top the gem that his agent came up with this week. Rose is seeking max in the offseason this season. And that’s the great thing: no matter how much we rip on Rose, he still thinks absolutely nothing is wrong.

Rondo Benched For Rondo Night

Okay, I normally reserve Ball Lies for things that tick me off, but the last two have been sad. Oh well. Rajon Rondo’s marriage to the Bulls has been rocky to say the least, and it has got even rockier over the last few weeks. Don’t believe me? Rondo had a scheduled ‘bobble-head night’….and promptly played 0 minutes. The jokes just write themselves.

Quick Hits

McConnell Winner

The Sixers are on the march, and it’s just fun to watch.

Wade Turns Back Time

“Hey, hey my old butt can still dunk!”

Jokic Alley

You just have to love big men dishing it.

Okafor’s Dad Gets In On It

Yes, that’s Jahlil Okafor’s dad threatening to kick a reporter’s ass.

Games to Watch

Bucks @ Rockets (Thursday – AEDT)

Seriously, Greek Freak vs. The Beard? Do I need to give reasons to watch this one?

Thunder @ Warriors (Thursday – AEDT)

Russ comes back to get a shot at the Thunder. Must see TV.

Warriors @ Rockets (Saturday – AEDT)

Yes, we’re heavy on the Warriors this week. But seriously, this game will be great, and the Rockets first shot at KD and the Warriors.

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